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1 Jul

“When a door closes, another one opens.”

When I can, I go to the gym everyday. Yesterday, I wasn’t able to go because it was the debut of my high school friend. My crush was at the gym yesterday. My trainer texted me, saying that he would probably go the next day, which was today. I was excited to go, in hopes of coming there. The rain had poured for a while and it was a quarter to 6 when I arrived.

Soon, I was told that he wouldn’t come. I also toldĀ that my crush may or may not be a girlfriend. One of the guys at the gym said that the girl was his student, which was a Korean girl. He’s teaches in an English academy. I was also given the hint that that guy likes me. I’m okay with that, but since he didn’t make a move, I won’t really do anything. I don’t like guys like those because they don’t seem dedicated.

By the time I was alone, I was getting ready to leave the gym, when suddenly, a Korean guy entered and since my trainer knows what type of guys I like, he instantly introduced him to me.I love how we talked for a while, being the only people, except the trainer. His English is good, despite learning for 3 months. He said he wanted me to meet his friends so I gave him my number. I was singing ‘Call me maybe’ inside my head because it was the most appropriate song at that moment! Anyway, he didn’t text. Maybe he ran out of load or forgot about it?

Hopefully he’s also interested in me the way I am very much interested in him. Another thing, his last name is Kim, just like my main bias in Super Junior, Heechul and Kim (but Kim is a common last name).