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Memory lane

25 Feb

February 25, 2012

It was a day I would never forget easily. I remember that this time last year, when you asked me out and we went on our first date. My dad even drove us to the restaurant where we ate. It was nerve-wracking for the both of us. But I remember what I thought of at that moment, I was being serious with you. It was the first time in my life that I was that serious over a guy. Moreover, a guy not with the same nationality, religion and age as I am. You were the dashing Korean I had a crush on who was 5 years older than I am. You were everything I wished for in a man. You were my ideal guy, as my friends would say. You were a dream come true for me. I remember eating Korean food then drank coffee at the cafe beside the restaurant with my dad being at the bar across. Truth be told, it was one of the best nights of my life. 


February 26, 2012

Remember this day when it was only the two of us at the gym. You made fun of my weight and compared our hands. You even let me drink at your water jug because you complained about the weird taste of your protein shake, which wasn’t even that weird for me. You also made fun of me for always taking picture. It was to say, we had our own world in an empty place.


February 27, 2012

I remember meeting my friend and her guy at the morning. I’ve been telling her stories about you and me. She told me she never saw me that happy talking about my love life. She said it was one of the moments she saw the happiest, just talking about you, glowing as I narrate stories. She said you were a blessing in disguise for me. Then we came up with the double date idea. When night approached and saw each other, I remember you pulling me up to the side, saying that you don’t want how others looked at us because we were the couple around. I apologized and asked if you could go to the double with my friend and her guy. You agreed and I was excited.


February 28, 2012

You’ve met my friends from college and one from high school. You were shy around with my friends but when we’re alone, you were so sweet to me, even feeding me. You wouldn’t let me pay for my meal, even if I insist. I spent 4 and a half hours with you, having you as my own and even meeting your roommate and his girlfriend. I thought I was in cloud 9 because I was with the person that mattered to me the most. You even wanted to ride the way I ride home, which would be jeepneys and tricycles that would need to be filled. Remember when we were in the tricycle and we held our hands. I rested my head on your shoulder. Then you kissed the top of my head. I felt so protected and secured for the first time from a guy.


February 29, 2012

We didn’t see each other that night. But we would exchange text messages. It was sweet and cheesy that my classmates would cringe. I would reread your messages because I never felt so happy texting someone like that.


March 1, 2012

Remember this day when my family had a problem. I kept texting and calling you. I couldn’t find any comfort except talking with you. I couldn’t sleep until it was midnight. The problem of my family was just too big and stressful it was eating me alive. You wanted to see me, but I couldn’t. I told you to just come to my school the following day because it was the only way I was sure we could see each other.


March 2, 2012

I didn’t know that it would be the last time we would see each other. I didn’t know that that would be our last conversation. I didn’t know it would be the last time I would hold your hand or touch your face. After that, you became cold…


Until you were gone.


Up to this day, there would be questions in my mind that I would ask. So many what ifs and such. But I know, if we were meant to be together, we were meant to stay together. Of course I hate you for cheating behind my back. But to be honest, I don’t regret that I met you and had those feelings for. You taught me a lesson a love that I wouldn’t probably learn from anyone. Plus, I had to admit that I had never been happy being with someone. It was the first time I experienced having someone I like so much like me back. As they have said, I was so overwhelmed. In the end, if I would to choose between the two exes I have had, I would still choose to repeat those times I had with you than the one before you. You were one of the best bittersweet memories I’ve had.


Happy Birthday, Choi Sooyoung!!!

9 Feb


It’s no secret that my ultimate girl bias in Kpop is Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung. My love for her never faded. I remember that I first saw her when Genie MV was being aired by a local music television station. She was the one I noticed, the one who stood out for me, the one who I didn’t know will steal away my heart like that. I was new to Kpop during mid-2009, but it was no denying that I really liked her from the start. I wasn’t that much of a fan of their group, but I did research only on her and began to be a fan. Time passed and I eventually fell for the whole group.

I watched some of their shows and enjoyed watching my bias. I listened to their songs and really fell for them. Also I can’t help but be disappointed upon seeing the small amount of song lines given to her. She may not be that great compared to Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun and Tiffany, but she has a good voice (1, 2, 3). She debuted at Route O (a duo that debuted at Japan) even before she joined SNSD. She is talented. She in the dancing line of SNSD too. She can speak Japanese fluently and currently studying English. She can do a lot of imitation and the ability to eat a lot is a talent too. She also acted in dramas, cameo or one of the main roles.

She has a heart of gold. She is called the ‘unofficial leader’ of SNSD. She is always there to cheer for her eonnis and dongsaengs. Although she had the most experience, she is humble. Sooyoung is someone I really admire. Even if I was born again, I would still want to be her fan. She makes me happy.

Feb. 10 is always a date I always look forward to. It is what I call, SooWon day, being that it is Sooyoung’s birthday and Siwon’s registered birthday. As a guardian and Sooyoungster myself, this day is something I really celebrate. But this post focuses on Sooyoung, the girl who made me love SNSD, the girl who would make me go lesbian for. No matter how she looks like, she would always be pretty outside and moreover, on the inside.

Choi Sooyoung, you’re finally 24, the age you’ve always dreamt of getting married at. If ever you decide to follow Sunye’s steps to follow your heart, I hope you remember that there are fans who will always support and love you no matter what.

Happy Birthday, Sooyoung! I will always love you! In the sea of girl groups, SNSD stands out. And out of the sea of girl idols, my eyes is mostly set for you. ♥

4 Feb

silentspring's Blog

So damn love this drama, nostalgic, simple, not to short but not to long duration, everthing feels right. Not boring even untill last episode. Sung Shi Won crying for simple reason like her father rip her poster, her mother washing Tony’s opaa t-shirt with his sweat, and dissapointed because Tony oppa feels uncomfortable for message that Shi Won write with her blood *kekekekekek this is to much, just because Shi Won wanna be  member of staff H.O.T fans.

Yoon Jae: Today… Yoo Jung asked me out…

Shi Won: I heard.

Yoon Jae: What should I do…?

Shi Won: How do you feel?

Yoon Jae: I don’t know. Should I not date her? …Should I not date her? [Coupon: do anything for me.]

Shi Won: What is your wish…?

Yoon Jae: Tell me not to date her.

The reason I like you?? Because it’s you. Just you. That’s the only reason…

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