Some good change

10 Jun

I love to eat. Who doesn’t love to eat or doesn’t love food? Growing up, eating was nice. I could eat everything I want but the consequence of not having such a fast metabolism resulted in my weight gain. I took too much on what my body could manage. I weighed 140 pounds since I was in elementary and had it ever since. Standing at 160 cm (5’2″) with that weight was overweight. I maybe big boned, but my face was round and my arms were all jiggly.

I had always been quite chubby and I would also eat a lot so it’s no surprise it can be reflected with in the weighing scale. during medical check-ups, I was always on the line of overweight and obese for the BMI. It may be just some bullshit chart but it did wake me up when I I was told I was borderline of obese. It was painful when you’d hear your classmates tell you how beautiful you are but you could be more beautiful if you lost weight. Slowly, I was starting to realize how I need to take care of my body then.

When I entered college, my fellow freshmen classmates thought I looked younger than my age. White skin and chubby cheeks made them think I was younger than everyone else. There were those who didn’t take me seriously at first. Before my freshmen year ended, I told my dad about my decision to hit the gym. It took me a while but I slowly lost 4 kg after a long time. At first I was contented with just seeing the 60 kg on the weighing scale. I thought that it was just enough. But it wasn’t really. My weight would bounce up to 2-3 kg when I’d stop going to the gym because of my schedule at school. It also doesn’t help that I only made small adjustments to my eating habits, which could have been one of the main factors why I was still big then.

Fast forward, after my summer internship of year 2014, I had gained weight. My internship had me stay at the office cubicle during 90% of it and we were surrounded by fast food, soft drinks and coffee. Needless to say, I gained 4 kilograms, or almost 9 lbs. I went back to how I was when I first started. I was a whopping 142 lbs, if I remember correctly. It made me realize how I needed to really step up and made big changes. I was a graduating senior already and yearbook photo shoot would happen in 3 months. I would want to look good then. I would also like to look good at my actual graduation. So I worked harder than I ever did.

The biggest factor was the change in my food diet. During that time, I could only buy or prepare my own lunch since my grandmother, who used to make my packed lunch, was out of the country. For breakfast, I would have rice then I would work out at the gym (since my classes are from afternoon to night), have small lunch and have fruits when I was hungry. For dinners, I don’t eat rice anymore, which I’ve been doing for 5 years now, so it’s either some light soup, few portions of viand and fruits. I had to sacrifice sweets, chicken skin, junk food and eating at restaurants for the time being. Also, I had starting eating more vegetables. I grew up eating meat most of the time and I now begin to slowly eat them more than I used to. I also didn’t want to do the diet trends that were surfacing. Doing them would cost me to sacrifice certain food groups. I love my cheese, okay. I thought of alternatives though. When I’m craving for something, instead of eating a whole chocolate bar, I would take a small bite and that’s it. I would think that when I’m craving, I just need one bite and I’m good. I just need a taste of it. It helps me mentally to focus back on my diet plan, rather than not having a taste of that good chocolate bar that’s in front of you. I think if you hold back, it will worsen your craving and make you eat a whole bar instead of just one bite.

After all the sacrifices and changes, they all paid off in the end. By the time I had my graduation photo, I already lost 6 kg. It didn’t stop me there. I wanted to see how far I can go, where my determination will get me. People began to notice how I continue to gradually lose weight. They were jealous and I was surprised. I wasn’t vocal on the weight I’ve lost. I just told them how I wanted to look good for graduation. It felt good that my efforts were being seen by others. It never occurred to me I would be able to achieve this.

Losing weight was a battle I’ve struggled with during my teen years, where physical appearances and self-esteem are important. I didn’t lose faith. I continued and every time I would feel tired, I would remember why I started in the first place.

Currently, I weight about 120 lbs now. My face isn’t that round anymore, my arms are toned, and my legs have also gotten smaller (either that or all my slacks got bigger). More importantly,I was able to eat healthier. I would prefer other food than oily and meaty ones. Also, recently, fast food makes me sick and I would prefer not to eat them anymore. I would also crave vegetables now, which still surprises some of my friends. My decision to lose weight and the achievement of doing so, was one of the best things that happened to me. Not only do I feel less insecure of my body, my eating habits have changed for the better.


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