It’s all about me

On Friendship:

I’m the type who seems hard to approach. I tend to find myself alone even if I have lots of friends. I get too attached easily, which is why separation and parting is hard for me. I get lost in a sea of people. It sucks how I begin to think and wonder who my real friends are. It takes me a while to realize who my real friends are. I tend to always be the one one odd within us friends. I think I give too much and don’t expect things from friends.


On Love:

I’m too eager. I’ve always wanted a fairy-tale or movie-like love story. But I learned things will never go the way we always wanted. I’ve fallen for someone who I call ‘my greatest love’ and I thought was the perfect guy, but there really is no perfect guy. Eventually, you’ll get hurt. I tend to be blind by the imperfections one person has because I love to dearly. I’m still waiting for him. I know he’s still travelling in the woods of the unknown.


On Family:

Problems never leave. I just want us to leave our house since this property is the main cause of our problem. It’s not fun. It’s not peaceful. I avoid talking about my family because it makes me unhappy.


On Happiness:

The fastest way to happiness is to avoid reality

I tend to drown myself in music, which is mostly Kpop. Music is everyone’s friend. I love to think about Kpop, OTPs and food. Happiness is hardly achieved in reality, thus, escaping reality is always good. You can always dream of being married to your bias, but you can’t even be sure when you’ll be able to watch their concert.


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